fog fog5 fog4 fog3 fog2 fog1 fogCarFoggy Day (around 4pm)


8 thoughts on “pre·cip·i·tant

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these – awesome! I think the fourth one down is my favorite, but I’m really liking the third one, too – what is that? I’m on my phone, so maybe I need to check it out on a bigger screen…

    • Its a soccer goal post in the fog. There was a ghost soccer team playing when I shot the photo but it didn’t show up in the photo for some reason. Maybe I need a better camera.

  2. I was drawn in by the very first photo…looking up to the treetops against the sky.
    But the last one caught my eye with the composition of the up-close dark branches and the fogginess beyond. Reminded me of an old time street scene, imagining the car being older than it is …like from the 40’s.

  3. I am fairly certain the car is a Nash Rambler. If so, it’s old. They were produced from 1950-1954.

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